Driving Licenses in TRNC

Driving Licenses in TRNC

Has Your TRNC Driving License expired or do you even have one?

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Please note that new changes in the law or the fact that the law is now beng enforced around Driving Licenses in now in place. Anyone classed as living in the TRNC much have a valid TRNC license within one month of their initial Tourist Visa expiry. You are no longer allowed to cross the border and/or fly to Turkey to get another visa/stamp. If you live here, have a rental contract here, own a property here, are a Student here or spend more than 90 days here in the year then you must have a valid TRNC driving license or your policy can be deemed invalid by the Insurance and/or Authorities resulting in a fine for breaking the law but also a hefty bill if you are involved in an accident situation and your Insurance doesnt pay out. 

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